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  • Created company brand, all marketing/communications assets for health and wellness startup.
  • Created and implemented numerous branding campaigns in multiple industries, with exceptional partners.

Digital and In-Person Events

  • Created and implemented webinar campaign that drew X registrants and X participants, and set client up for a spike in sales and large return-on-investment.
  • Oversaw five offices for large health foundation, which involved producing high-profile, high-grossing celebrity events that raised over $2 million with 50+ special events in three years.

Employee Communications and Training

  • Reimagined and recreated large health and wellness company’s employee communications program, which took five brands to one, created cost inefficiencies, and resulted in local and state awards.
  • Saved large health and wellness company hundreds of thousands of dollars by reimagining employee accreditation training.
  • Created and implemented employee training program for health and wellness startup around excellent customer care, including a book called The Pure Experience, a presentation, and all supporting materials.


  • Secured targeted publicity for talent acquisition client that resulted in a half-million dollars in new business for the client.
  • Built media strategy and team for third largest health foundation in the country, resulting a 48.5% increase in year-over-year coverage.
  • Imagined and implemented a media preview event that increased health report card year-over-year coverage by 700%.
  • Introduced first video phone, a cutting-edge technology in the 90s. Working closely with AT&T and utilizing extensive media relationships, executed a Mother’s Day campaign that garnered extensive attention when a baby born at one of our hospitals was introduced to its grandmother in the Northeast. (Long before social media was on anyone’s radar.)


  • Represented many credible organizations through community with speaking engagements; tours; and community, media, investor, and public relations.

Writing, Editing, and Publishing

  • Wrote statewide-award-winning magazine cover story Be the Change You Want to See in the World after visiting poverty-stricken areas of the Dominican Republic.
  • Oversaw communications for annual visiting writers program, securing extensive publicity and selling out all appearances.
  • Published extensive online and print pieces in magazines, journals, and newspapers; on websites; with blogs, brochures, news releases, letters to editors, and more.