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Design Your Life: A Journey for Determining Your Brand

I wrote this when I was 16, and it still drives the way I ask my clients to see their lives today:


Sit and think about you sometime, the things you say and do.

The lives you touch all the time are changed because of you.

Do you ever wonder about yourself, if you’re real to all who see?

Are you there when one needs help, or are you true to only ‘me’?

Those you touch every day make choices and decide.

Because of you all could change, you could determine a side.

I’ve always felt that each of us is uniquely, purpose-fully powerful.

My goal is to bring out this power and purpose in a half-day workshop that involves laughter, joy, and fun. Combining my decades of experience in branding, marketing, human behavior, self help, energy, and healing, I’ve created this workshop to help others manifest greatness.

We will talk about and do exercises around:

  • What would you like your obituary and tombstone to say?
  • What mark would you like to leave on this world?
  • How would you like your obituary and eulogy to read?
  • What have you loved to do since you were two and 10?
  • What do you most wish to manifest?
  • Who and what inspires you?

I will teach you how to:

  • Create rituals around living a specially designed life.
  • Practice extreme self care.
  • Thoughtfully determine the brand you wish to convey to the world that ties to your unique gifts.