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I asked for a man who is honest,

one stands tall like cattails among us;

a man who withstands seasons and storms,

who grows and glows under thunder and sun.


I asked for a tree, a solid wood aspen tree

in the form of a man with roots

in cowboy boots who connects

to the thirst, the longing in each of us.


I asked for a man who has traversed the earth,

an adventurer here and in the universe.

I asked that he would expand my expansiveness

with his all-sorts-of affection and intelligence.


I asked that this man would sit, stand, skip

with me atop the soil beneath us;

that we would reach for peaks collectively,

breathing in thin air respectfully.


I asked for a true gentleman

Who is loyal, kind, and honest;

for a man who understands energy in himself

and all he touches.


I asked for it to be simple, easy, obvious;

to know down to the tips of my toes,

and out to the depths of my soul,

that sparks would ignite between us.


Mother Earth, giver of gifts,

protector, guide, and nurturer, responded:

“Ask, and you shall receive,” she promised

“You asked for an angel, and I’ve sent you one.”


By Suzanne Beranek