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Last week, the father of my childhood sweetheart was killed in a car accident.

Today, my dear friend’s dear dad was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.

Yesterday, I came upon a rescue scene involving a man who dove into the river;

skateboarders told me blood poured down his cheekbones.


For weeks it’s been bright and cheery, cherry blossoms blooming,

the scent calling after my Sass and me as we pass in front of our building.

Today the air is cooler, damper than it’s been, that sort of cold that marches us

into the dead of winter. Yet I know it’s spring, and that life begins again.


Leaves that fell in fall are rising in renewal, pairing with tears trapped in ground all winter.

Snow creates bright green grass excited for the growing.

Yet we know as the river dutifully flows, it can also pull us under.

So, let’s remember: Time doesn’t stand still, never has, never will.


Take chances, chase dreams, invest in yourself, ignore warnings, listen to hearts, souls, and sing.

There aren’t a bunch of hours you can buy online when you’ve put it off too long,

procrastinated ’til the last minute, taken your sweet time before committing

to living this life. This is it. Tomorrow is uncertain.


Today neighbors lay dying while others ask for our warm greeting.

Our dreams call out to us from winter night, stare us down when we awaken in spring.

So let’s get to it. Tell her you love her, say it with style. Kiss him on the lips for the thousandth time like you meant it in the beginning. Pat your cat, sing him to bed, a lullaby will do fine.


Enjoy this life. Dance, skip, stroll, ski down mountains with those you adore.

Rest, lie your soft head on feather pillows, know you’re abundantly blessed.

Revel in the warmth of your deep soft couch. Allow showers to devour your grateful skin.

Know that winter will come again, as will spring, regardless of whether you keep on living.


By Suzanne Beranek